Procurement Construction Commissioning

Utilize international supply chain and long-term supplier relations with high-performance inverter and module manufactures

ImMODO can assure long term payments to their suppliers as we did before in some of our solar projects in Spain


The key points for quick construction of a solar plant with high quality finishes are:
1)  The rapid implementation of solutions to any adversity.
2)  A design of robust and quick assembly. In the Seasonal Tilt of ImMODO , the placement of post and lintel requires only two screws, it significantly streamlines the progress of work.
3)  A modular design that facilitates the plant operators to work since it is identical modules which are repeated megawatt to megawatt.
4)  A team totally committed to the project.
5)  The use of contractors selected after years running projects. ImMODO ensures that the quality of work is adequate.
6)  Make available to the project material and human resources required by the project.

These are points that make ImMODO different from most EPC companies, the proof has been the development of the plant at Solar Palace Charanka Park, Gujarat (India) where several international companies were building solar plants simultaneously with the same interconnection deadline and being the last to begin work, the ImMODO Solar plant was ready to produce at 100% capacity a week before the other companies.


1)  Land measurement and survey
2)  Clearing and removal of existing vegetation
3)  Land leveling and grading
4)  Compacting soil
5)Roads with 8 or 10’ of gravel compacted into two tiers. The first during the construction and the second to once the installations is done. Width of the roads 10-15’



For public safety and national security, 8' tall fencing with razor wire would be installed around the perimeter of the Project. The fence would be constructed with a 5-7" opening at the base to allow wild animal movement at the site



Ram-post foundation:
Economically practical for very cohesive grounds, grave-marl mixtures, rocky soils and expansive soils.
Not practical for marshy soils, sandy soil with very identical particles sizes and landfills with temporary seals.
Advantage: easy and cost effective mounting, applicable in rocky ground and uneven sites, easy to remove after use and optimal access for maintenance.



The arrays are aligned in even length rows with the centreline of each row about 22’ apart. The clear space between rows of modules will be 10’ to 14’ providing enough space for service and cleaning vehicles.