Operation Maintenance

ImMODO Solar provides complete operation and maintenance services, ensuring the highest ratios of market performance, allowing you to get the greatest return on your projects. In addition to managing all the necessary security, surveillance and insurance contracts during the life cycle of your installation. The ImMODO Solar O&M service is offered not only to their own projects but also for projects implemented by third parties.



ImMODO provides an integral solar farm operation and maintenance service in order to ensure the correct operation of the installations.

The O&M works performed includes:
Operate and maintain power generation components and equipment
Preventive and corrective maintenance; periodic revisions of all the power plant’s equipment.
Large corrective and design modifications in order to improve both the plant’s performance and safety.
Monitoring services: A 24/7 control room and mobile resources ensure that the service is re-established in short periods of time.
Solar array cleaning.
Manage the upkeep and cleanliness of the power plant and weed control.
Onsite and remote security.

Our experienced team of electrical, mechanical engineers and solar technicians are fully trained and certified to analyze, test, repair and replace every component of the solar electric facility.

Through years of experience in the electrical solar industries, with more than 140 MW solar plants on operational, we have developed the most comprehensive and cost effective solar PV O&M protocol in the industry.

System testing and verification
Thermal imagery and scans
Inspection of array racking components
  Roof mount
  Ground mounted fixed tilt
  Ground mount single-axis trackers
  Ground mount dual-axis trackers
Inspection of exposed array wiring
Inverter preventive maintenance
Inspection and maintenance on all meters, sensors and communication
Substation maintenance
Detailed maintenance reports