Group Overview

Founded in 2005, ImMODO is a solid and experienced solar company in the world for utility-scale distributed photovoltaic projects and during the last 3 years is also expanding into renewable energy and energy efficiency services for commercial and industrial customers.

ImMODO Solar was one of the first generation entrants in the Spanish Feed-in-Tariff market and this has been able to leverage his position in other countries.

ImMODO’s business model has been oriented to develop, build, structure, sell and operate ”investment-grade”, “bankable” solar projects which are sold to special purpose project companies which are operated by ImMODO.

ImMODO has developed, built, financed and has under O&M more than $600 million in solar assets and every year assures the performance of more than 120 GWh of solar electricity.The completion of a 15 MW PV project in India in 2012 and the current development 54 MW PV projects in Chile, will bring ImMODO’s installed capacity to 140 MW world-wide.

  The success of the business model in Spain has led shareholders to leverage and adapt its experience and capability to expand into fast-growing emerging international markets such as India, Chile , Mexico and in the near future in Middle East and Africa.

  In late 2015, ImMODO started in India with a new companies, ImMODO Renewables Limited (IRL). In India, ImMODO had JV with Electrotherm as Electrotherm ImMODO Renewables Limited which completed the development, building and commissioning 20 MW and it´s developed several projects of different size.